another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 28 June 2013

shoot me again, [i ain't dead yet]

out tonight with the bailey family, jess was 19 on the 17th of june, me? well i'm fifty-four tomorrow, 29th june, we hit the city of derby, 'revolucion de cuba' brilliant meal, veggie enchiladas, spicy brown rice with crispy onions, re-fried black beans and fresh salad, couple of peroni's, sorted, great atmosphere and service, my girls looking good, jack, cool as fuck as usual, we don't do this enough, life just seem's to get in the way, everyone has too many other things to do, 'i'm going here or i've got to do this' admit it, we all do this, every working man and women, really we need to just take a step back and say no, today is the day when i'm going to spend some time catching up with my family, if you are anything like us lot we all get on each other's nerves, but, we are family, i love them and all their little niggly faults [and let's face it, i'm fucking perfect me, ahem]  and then, when we get home and everyone else is in bed, i can take off my 'baldy-man cover-skin' and let my natural, long, blonde lock's hang free, like that bloke in the 'lost boys' film, you know who i mean, the bloke playing the saxophone, mulletted-up-to fuck, i shake them loose and watch that clip, over and over and over again, that's me that is, [in my dreams....]