another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 7 March 2013


mr ben jones, the 'masked molester' collector of sharp knives, sharp suits, vintage tattoo iron's, firearm's, batman paraphenalia and ladies undercracker's, here he is in a photo that he sent me from last weekend, seated on his fire breathing, big inch, harley motherfucking davidson, [poor ben doesn't realise that a humble girly sporty would blow him into the weed's but don't tell him will you], but, check out the sign in the background, 'belland lane' brilliant, if you are from england you probably 'get-it', if you are from one of those foreign country's where you drink coffee and stuff you will be going 'what?', 'belland' is very close to 'bellend', in olde englishe, 'the tip of a man's penis' but, more to the point and far more embarrassing for ben, ssshhhh, no-one tell him, ARE THE RIDICULOUSLY LARGE MIRRORS ON HIS BIKE!!!!!!