another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 17 May 2013


football, absolutely the best game in the world, brian clough, the father of our current manager nigel, steered derby to league  champions, yep, same as man united, the top boy's in the english league, then he went down the road to our hated fucking neighbour's forest and won two european championships, [yep, same as man united], but, before all that, following a big bust up with the board at derby he famously took charge of another hated rival, 'dirty' fucking leed's united, [check out the brilliant book and film, 'the damned united' for the story of his 44 day tenure of the club], here, old big 'ead goes toe-to-toe with his rival don revie, [the bloke he took the job from], raw, live and reactionary, two heavyweight's slugging it out, this stuff fascinates me, proper, [oh yeah, had an e-mither saying that my video posting's aren't available on i-pad, yeah? so? have a look on your desktop or do your own searching you lazy fucker's!] it's really worth it, a snapshot of the seventies, a time before money, [you could buy a club for three million, nevermind a reserve goal-keeper] passion, hatred and more sub-plot's than 'son's of anarchy' football, a man's sport, not like those egg-chasing rugby poofter's, [everytime they pick the ball up i want to shout 'handball'] blood, gut's, pride in the shirt, real men, beer, fighting on the terraces, invading rival's town's, [oh yeah, and the 'football special's', stinking of piss, boarded up window's, no heating, games of koo-kan and gin-rummy, under the light, [if you were lucky] of a forty-watt bulb, ripped seats, faraway town's, 'got the time mate?' bang, you stuck out like a pimple on a pig's arse in an away town, cancelled train's, [anyone remember trying to get home from bristol in the mid seventy's? snow, battered by the local's we lost four-nil, two-hundred derby lad's causing havoc all the way home from the west country on local trains and buses, eventually getting home sunday night!] do i have any regret's? do i fuck, 'if your tired and weary, your heart will skip a beat............'