another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 15 December 2013

rude boys!!!!

sunday night already, blimey, where does the time go? friday see's the 'proper english gentlemen' out on the town, a brilliant night out, a couple of sweet sherries and a port and lemon or three, great company with tj, adi, lee and our jack, peroni's in the waterfall at a fiver a pop, over to the world famous victoria inn for a shandy and onto midland road where tj mugs the manager and see's us into the indian restraunt of the yesr for a feast, i'm not kidding, i really thought the table was going to collapse under the amount of dishes on it! hilarious watching the once a year mugs posting 'selfie's' on their facebooks, saturday dawn's far to early, mrs b brings me a cup of tea up, dog's jockying for position on the bed, that half awake/half concious, just five minutes more lie in, jobs done, dogs walked and me and mrs b skin out into 'enemy' territory for the saturday night beat gig at the rescue room's, the beat? well, what can you say, original rude boys, we check into the welbeck hotel, just around the corner from the venue, dump our bag and hit the shops for last minute xmas presents, bloody hell, didn't think it would be this busy! back to the welbeck, quick shower and a bite to eat at pizza express, peroni, seven english pounds a pint! fucking disgraceful! had to book too, there's no-way you would get in without booking, down to the rescue rooms as the doors open at 1900hrs, pint of san-miguel and a glass of wine for mr's b, i'm dancing to 'seven day's is too long' by chuck wood, fuck me it's 1915hrs and i've done it already,  the beat hit the stage at 2030hrs, 'rude boyyyyyze!' that's it, i'm ranking full-stop for the next hour and a half, the years disappear, 'mirror in the bathroom', 'twist and crawl', 'rocking the casbah', ''best friend' absolute brilliance, i'm nineteen again, 'keep your hand's off  me daughter......' [sung to jessica's boyfriend, i love being this age and embarrassing my children, brilliant] a tight set, performed by a great band, i'm stripped down to levis, con's and vest by the end of the gig, sweating like a bastard, we say our goodbye's to jess and adam, grab a bottle of wine and a couple of bottles of mineral water from the convenience store opposite the venue and head back to the dig's, goodnight irene........[ps, woke up this morning with a head like a hole and stiff from skanking too much, respect to the beat and great to catch up with a few of the derby lads who were operating behind enemy lines too........]