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Sunday, 28 December 2014

ducati track bike project, [the peaky blinder]

sometimes, always........................................................................................

Thursday, 25 December 2014

ducati track bike project [the blind stagger] the queen's speech

you might have seen the last post, you might not, had to delete it because it hadn't loaded properly, [sorry to larry for deleting your comment by the way], truth be told, i haven't been posting much lately due to the fact that my dear wife, the world famous mr's b has been ill over the last few months and has had a rather major operation earlier in the month, posting bollock's and pictures of the bike project / day's out / race meetings / blah, blah, blah soon fades into insignifigance as you can guess. anyhoo, here's some pic's of the progress on the bike, wishing everyone a peaceful and happy xmas, thank's for catching the blog, [jan, larry, chris, nanno, hermit, ed, bench-donkee's andy and anyone else who has posted a comment in the past] if my old mucker, dave, 'dog' william's happen's to read this or anyone who know's him, pass on the message, get in touch you big, red-headed aussie bastard, bikes waiting for you for the classic tt......

Thursday, 11 December 2014

ducati trackbike project [the peaky blinder]

don't need a speedo on a trackbike so why do you need a speedo drive? weighs more than a battleship anchor, consigned to the bin and a replacement spacer turned up instead, [when i say 'turned up' i don't mean the postman knocked on the door and said 'sign here mate'] scored a forty-quid 'wavy' rear disc feom the bike show for forty quid, not really a fan of them but at that price? oh yeah, spunked my dinner money on a couple of titanium shock mounting bolts, [sixteen english pounds for the pair, or 'the brace' if we are being really posh] if you missed it, i'm planning to ride this thing at the classic tt next year, not racing but a closed-lap of the tt circuit, the last thing i need is the rear fucking shock mounting bolts shearing off ,hence the expense, beat me up..............

Sunday, 7 December 2014

ducati trackbike project [the peaky blinder]

welcome back fight fan's, quick update on the peaky blinder project, we continue to discover the damage inflicted on the bike by the previous owners and try and put it right, case in point, the top nut that holds on the top-yoke, ragged to fuck with what i presume is a hammer and screwdriver and a pair of mole-grips, why? cleaned up on the lathe and the tooling holes re-drilled to 6mm, cleaned up the two fork-top nuts that had suffered a similar fate at the same time. attention turns to the front brake caliper, i was hoping to keep the oem, brembo gold, i tried to clean it up with brake cleaner and soapy water, no such luck, it's salt marked, stained and filthy, the hardware rusty and beyond fettling, used the old 'mr. muscle' oven cleaner to draw out the dirty anodising from the surface of the caliper, cup-brushed and finished with a quick rub with solvol, new fasteners turned up in the lathe, [stainless, coned and relieved of course] new pads, stainless bleed nipple, banjo-bolt and the back of the caliper fly cut, loses some weight, but, more importantly, looks the dogs danglies, a little detail on something you don't even see. had hoped to re-use the brake disc, but, to be honest, it was donald like everything else on this fucking bike, i order up a new brembo, serie-oro race item, a lot of money i know but when you are only running a single disc and are planning to do a closed lap of the isle of man tt circuit in september then you really need to fit the best [ bollock's, can't believe i let that slip out.......]

Sunday, 23 November 2014

ducati trackbike project

dug the sprocket carrier out of the parts bin with all intentions of just gunking it down and wafting with a rattle can, it's a piece you won't even see, after i cleaned off the grease and grit i could see that, at sometime in the bikes history, the chain had jumped the sprockets and twatted the carrier, i set to with some 400 grit wet and dry paper and cleaned up the damage, stuck it in the lathe and machined up the front surface and drilled out some 10mm holes between the strengthening webs in the casting, costs nothing and weighs even less......

Saturday, 15 November 2014

ducati track bike project

took the frame, swing-arm and top yoke in for powdercoating at 1100hrs yesterday, txt message complete with photo's at 1500hrs, job done, picked up my bit's at 1600hrs, chris at 'the wheel specialist' in burton-on-trent is one of the good guys, a real enthusiast and brilliant service to boot. really chuffed that the hugger mounting holes i welded up have dissapeared, 'huggers, we don't need no steenkin' huggers.......'