another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 11 December 2014

ducati trackbike project [the peaky blinder]

don't need a speedo on a trackbike so why do you need a speedo drive? weighs more than a battleship anchor, consigned to the bin and a replacement spacer turned up instead, [when i say 'turned up' i don't mean the postman knocked on the door and said 'sign here mate'] scored a forty-quid 'wavy' rear disc feom the bike show for forty quid, not really a fan of them but at that price? oh yeah, spunked my dinner money on a couple of titanium shock mounting bolts, [sixteen english pounds for the pair, or 'the brace' if we are being really posh] if you missed it, i'm planning to ride this thing at the classic tt next year, not racing but a closed-lap of the tt circuit, the last thing i need is the rear fucking shock mounting bolts shearing off ,hence the expense, beat me up..............

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  1. It's all so shiny!!! The bolts are up to it, but what about the shock mount itself?