another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 1 August 2009

triton, the vast majority are pampered, too shiny, glitz-mobiles, this one isn't, it just looks so right.

shige - 'dragon in the secret cloud'

japanese girl with big katana and tattoo, bet she's got a sporty and a ducati, likes jack russells and is a derby county fan, or perhaps not.

sportster sticker by ed 'big daddy' roth, they had original 60's roth decals for sale in the petersen auto museum in los angeles for $75 a pop, i would have liked one but the good-lady thought 40 quid for a sticker was a bit expensive, different when she bought two 'bargain' ed hardy t-shirts though!

found this 'dead geisha' tattoo design on an obscure danish blog done by a tattoo shop apprentice, cool new school/old school flash.

wicked little ironhead sporty from nostalgia drags.