another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 8 June 2009

robbed this picture off jeff's church of choppers blog, xr750 tracker, they have four or five hanging from the ceiling and walls in las vegas harley davidson, what a waste, me and barse were talking on saturday about the triumph flat tracker project in classic bike magazine and why it just doesn't look "right", the rake of the forks on the triumph is wrong, it needs to be pulled in like the xr, they spent a fortune on it but sorry it's not nice.

ncr ducati , pure class, hoped to see it in the flesh when i was in california, made 80 mile detour to santa barbara ducati and they had sold it the day before, typical.

dug this out and played it tonight, it's still a great album, must admit i couldn't be bothered to get the vinyl out so i played the cd, cd's/digital music has made me lazy but i still get a thrill out of looking through the vinyl vault.