another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 13 June 2010

get well soon guy.

this is my bokken, bok[u] = wood, ken=sword, it's made from japanese red oak, close grain wood, very, very hard, not quite a suburito which are a lot heavier and are usually used for practicing solo cutting kata, this is my tachi that i have used for kenjutsu [the art of sword] many times in the dojo, i have been on the receiving end of one of these a few times, fingernails smashed off, broken ribs and concussion to mention a few of the more memorable injuries, i almost severed one of my brown belts ears off [sorry julian] and we got banned from belper sports centre for leaving blood on the wall in one of the squash courts, [long story], the japanese masters used the bokken to devastating effect even against the traditional brittle bladed swords, someone keyed both of my cars last night, they left multiple scratches on both vehicles, both cars were parked on my drive, luckily for them i didn't hear them as they made their drunken way home from the village fete, unlucky for them they didn't notice the cctv recording them in the act and i know where they live.............


finished seat pad, used 4oo grit wet and dry to radius the edges, good fun lining it up, i used 3m adhesive to fix the pads to the seatbase, it's good stuff but you only get one chance to stick it on because as soon as it contacts the other surface it isn't going to come off again.

'subs gig, japanese girl, glasses, pigtails, her rigid sporty ironhead chopper was leaning against the wall outside.

barse at uk subs gig, december 2006, the vic, derby.

mz rennsport.

geoff stephens, works 225 wildcat lambretta, cadwell park, 1971.