another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 28 November 2009

dean stimpson, 2009 mz racing champion, he doesn't know i'm going to be out there on the track with him next season!, back in the shed tomorrow, got a thousand and one things to do yet if we stand any chance of getting this bike done, this project is totally different to anything i've done before, when you build a road bike you can compromise, when you build a racer you can't, found a classic quote, 'trackdays are like coffee, racing is like heroin', it's not just building the bike, it's getting all the paperwork sorted too, the lads on the bmzrc site couldn't have been more helpful, they just want more people out there on the track, respect due.

jap speedway bike, i love the look of the jap engine, truly a thing of beauty.

the outlaws.

the mz race team.

i love saturdays, spring, summer and autumn i'm out on the bikes, better than a sunday, less police, quieter roads and the cafes are less busy, winter is building the projects and football, today was a football day, this is my son jack in derby's best pub, the victoria inn, they have all the best gigs on here, a little 'intimate' to be honest, seen loads of bands here, one of the classics was the uk subs, barse needed a slash and had to duck under the bass guitar of the japanese dude in the band as he made his way to the bog, it looked like a scene out of kill-bill check out the old bill outside.

the police love taking photo's of us, cctv everywhere, speed cameras on my favourite biking routes, videoing you as you go to the match on a saturday, they don't like it when you try and take a photo of them though.

what do think about westfield jess?