another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 6 August 2011

'you throw my heart down in the dirt,
 you made me crawl on this cold black earth baby,
 no i never, i never knew how much love could hurt until i loved you baby, 'til i loved you baby, baby, oh baby, i can't stop crying can't you see?
 i'm pleading on my knee's, i'm on my knee's.....'
ok, i admit it, i've dropped a bollock, i've spent hours getting tattooed, loads of pain, loads of money and lot's of hour's researching design's with ben, ben drawing them up and turning them into fantastic artwork, i wish i had shares in bepanthen cream, waking up in the morning stuck to the sheets, blood and plasma weeping out, sore, bruised and asking myself why the fuck do i get tattoooed?, [alway's while i'm booking my next appointment], waste of time, especially when i could have just bought a t shirt..........  do it, don't pretend, throw that ed hardy shirt in the bin, fake.

how many are rotting away in shed's and under tarpaulin's, standing in someone's backyard, leaning against the side of houses and rammed up alleyway's?, unwanted, unloved and under rated, hunt one down, there's one in every street, buy it and get it on the road or cut it up and race it..........