another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 12 July 2009

iron head sporty, couldn't have been anywhere else but america, check out the garage door, i know, i might be a bit geeky but i can tell where the bike is by the garage door in the background. you like this don't you nick? it's your type of bike.

geisha in the snow, kuniyoshi utagawa.

triton. manx screen, bar end mirror. tank strap.

falcon gasser again, love this car.

went for a ride on the sporty today, just ambling around, no destination in mind, police on the wirksworth road at idridghay, police on the 515 at pikehall, [the infamous hand painted blue builders van], police at newhaven, [volvo, followed me all the way to the 515/a6 link road, but respect due, he didn't pull me even though i had my 5 x 7 reg plate and no indicators and supertrapp full race system in full view, he just made it very uncomfortable as i had to stick to 50 and as you know it's a long way between newhaven and buxton], police on the a6, [layby on right just as you approach the dual carriageway, police in bakewell, [haddon hall], i made my way back over to ashbourne and onto the road from hulland ward to derby, through weston underwood and gunned it through the bends, past kedleston hall, road deserted, going for it now, no police, just me, guess they were in the wrong place this time, or perhaps i was just in the right place at the right time.