another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 15 November 2009

why don'twe build chops like this anymore? probably the coolest bike in the world..............ever.

the last trip.

shinya kimura triumph.

sunday morning, 2am.

'the great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain'

so, i think i'm a good rider, i'm pretty fast so i'm told, so i'm going racing, mz250, cheapest form of motorcycle racing available in britain, the time comes when you need to stretch yourself, yeah, i've built some nice custom bikes in the past but the time has come to move things forward, it's all well and good standing around in a pub carpark admiring each others [delete as necessary, custom bike, streetfighter, chopper, classic bike etc.] but it's different to put your money where your mouth is and go racing, that time has come, i'm shitting it.

east bay dragons mc, class photo.

the sporty and the ducati looking snotty from behind the miller at the new project.

chuck the triumph flatrack racer, love his leathers, stripes down the arms and half harlequin chest panel, open face helmet with clip-on visor, check out the counter steering, his right arm is pulled in tight doing all the work, his left is relaxed index finger hovering over the clutch lever for when the bastard seizes, cool as cool can be.

two hours in the shed and we have the mz down to this, what really struck me was the weight of all the component parts, totally over-engineered, cast aluminium, [and thick too!] sidepanels, air box, the footrest hangers, exhaust, top yoke, mudguards everything weighs a ton, i've done a lot of projects in my time but i must admit that i have always struggled with seized fasteners no matter how old the bike was, this thing is 21 years old and everything came apart really easily, i did'nt have to chisel or grind anything to release it.

why are these two men laughing?, they just drove 200 miles to pick up a shit 15bhp east german commuter bike.................................. and their going to race it, dumb and dumber.