another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 29 December 2018

you got the poison?

KTM. No other manufacturer can hold a candle to them in bike design, kiska design is like nothing else out there for me, edgy and a tad dangerous and a bit ‘marmite’ I love them me, the 690 lc4 engine in both the supermoto and the Duke are brilliant, 70+ bhp is ridiculous from a four-valve, single cylinder motor, fast, torquey, light and high end components, brembo radial brakes? check, wp suspension? check, just the perfect motorcycle for brexit britains pock-marked b-roads, so, why aren’t these two bikes still in the loveless shed then? Well, as you know, I’m not averse to fettling old British wankers, [superbike magazine circa 1984] Italian exotica, [step forward aermacchi and ducati] but when you shell out on a new bike should you really expect to have to replace three speedo/tachometer units? [both bikes] or two water pumps and seals [the duke, at the 2017 manx gp/ classic tt, resulting in having to fill up the rad every 30 miles and a special mention to the nightmare journey home from heysham at stupid o clock in the morning, stopping on the hard shoulder of the m6 to refill the poxy rad by torchlight as articulated lorries thunder by is no fucking joke] great bikes, just let down by reliability issues, I suppose you shouldn’t really expect anything else with them being so competition focused and to be fair to ktm everything was sorted under warranty even though in the case of the duke I was three months out. so, these two are gone, moved on to be replaced by err, two more ktm’s and a fucking japper.......

Friday, 28 December 2018

classic motorcycles and the internet

So, even  though I no longer own a motorcycle older than 2015, [full update on the three bikes currently residing in the shed coming soon, you might be surprised, you might not be.....] my obsession for the east german mz marques is almost palpable, the tough, teutonic, two-strokes just tick a box for me. I’m trying to broker a deal with a bloke who has an old ts250 rotting away in his shed, he isn’t budging on his price because he’s discovered, courtesy of the fucking internet, that he has a ‘classic’ motorcycle.
Now, I’m sorry, I grant that the mz is a ‘classic’ machine in the sense that it’s nearly forty years old but really? No, no, hear me out here, let’s say he paid £600 on the road for it, on the road, a new helmet, rack and top-box fitted included in the price, he rides it every day for fifteen years, backwards and forwards to work until it finally gives up the ghost through a complete lack of maintenance so he sticks it in a damp shed for the next twenty five years and all of a sudden, boosh! It’s now worth £1500! the old bastard isn’t budging on his price, I’m not trying to rip him off just offering a fair price for a bike that needs a lot of work, I’m never going to restore it but have the seeds of an idea for another ‘special’ [be quiet Julian!]
Once upon a time, before the interweb you could buy a local paper or ‘loot’ or the other one who’s name escapes me and pick up a bike like this for a reasonable price, unloved, unfashionable and utilitarian, the owner just pleased to pick up a few quid as a bonus to creating shed-space, you happy until you got home and realised you’d bought another fucking money-pit. surely it’s better that these bikes are back on the road in whatever guise they may take on, cafe racer, scrambler or immaculate, nut and bolt resto job rather than rusting away?

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

The world is a very different place to when I last posted anything on the loveless blog, almost two years have passed since I sacked off the blog. I didn’t so much run out of steam but rather just got sick of all the ‘look at me’ rubbish being posted on a lot of the blogs, furthering ones ‘personal profile’ holds no interest to me, like my whole instagram experiment which at the time was being lauded as the way forward I just found it really tedious, gaining likes and ‘followers’ never really appealed. for me the blogger format was the equivalent of a punk fanzine, a way to share ideas and builds with like minded people but then economics entered the fray and all of a sudden it became about shifting ‘merch’ and gaining social standing instead.
I think that when big business gets involved with any venture it’s time to check out, all credibility is lost as soon as pound/dollar/yen or any other currency you care to mention appears on the horizon. 
As soon as you get a monthly magazine extolling the ‘handcrafted retro-style custom,cafe racers, scramblers, trackers, brat-trackers or bobbers’ you know it’s all over. I found myself reading and re-reading the ‘built’ magazine blurb and just asking why? ‘It’s for riders who like to be different. you can ride in gangs, hang out in bike shops or mingle with the crowds at big events, but motorcycling is fundamentally an individual thing, it’s about you, your bike and the road.’ So, you’re that much of an individual that you need to subscribe to a magazine to check out the listings and events pages to see what’s cool and where to be seen? give me strength...........

Monday, 24 December 2018

Christmas Eve

So, while the rest of the great british public sit awaiting their amazon parcel deliveries but bitching and moaning because the shops are closing down and the local ‘retail consumer experience’consists  of bleak, black-mamba addict, piss-stained empty units, hooded, extra-strong lager swilling ‘yoot’ and fat, fluorescent vest wearing security guards go through the motions of intimidating each other and the few people who can be arsed to frequent these sad monoliths to a vision of corporate consumerism, I just went for a ride on my bike..........