another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 3 December 2010

dave mackay grips billy bremner, 20th august, 1966.
dug some old photo's out last night, this one is about sixteen years ago, my boy jack on my cut-down beemer, ex metropolitan police bike, pensioned off and a despatch rider stuffed it into the back of a car, insurance write off, i bought it off ammo for £300, got a frame with log-book for £40 and a set of forks and front wheel for £60, koni shocks, powdercoated everything, trailer mudguard, bates headlight, rg 500 mudguard, lc 250 handlebars, nicked some stainless tube from work for the exhaust cans, aeroquip hosing to sharpen up the brakes, used this bike all year round, loved it, rallies and demo's up and down the country, started to drip oil from the oil pressure switch, i got pissed off with it and one winter night at ammo's i replaced the switch with a metric screw which blocked off the oil supply to everything, i gunned it down the a52 from nottingham and made it home to derby before the crank decided enough was enough and i got the sick feeling in my stomach as the knock, knock, knock got louder and more terminal, the engine was absolutely donald, i pushed it home and the next day a replacement was winging it's way from darkest dorset, then, i had an idea, what about building a cafe racer?