another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 15 May 2020

Tin Plate Toys

Here’s a few photos of my small collection of tin plate motorcycles that I have collected over the years. I just find them really charming, they are not well detailed like the Minichamps or Paul’s Models items but I find that this adds to the appeal for me.
    They are mostly replicas of the toys that were originally manufactured in Germany after the Second World War but I think that most of these, with the exception of the 93 racer bike which was made in India, are of Far East origin.
    The models are a combination of ‘friction’ and wind-up items, the friction models you just rub on the ground to make them move and the wind-up models are clockwork with a small detachable key, the 93 racer is quite interesting as the rider bobs up and down under the fairing screen as the model goes forward!