another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 7 August 2009

rigid two stroke chopper, clip-on's, mag front wheel, spoke back wheel, rear-set footrests, no tank, no lights, no mudguards, sheer class.

don 'the snake' prudholme, he's got the racer thousand yard stare thing going on that's for sure, mint period photo.

bryan gregory of the cramps, i saw the cramps at the old ajanta club, [the former derby playhouse], my memory of the gig was the carpet squelching under foot with all the beer that had been spilt and the sheer, raw energy of the primitive beats that they laid down. they played the gig under full lights, i don't know why, perhaps it was so they could see the fret's on the guitar neck's?

only in japan could you get a model figure like this, i reckon it must be based on the 'blood, the last vampire' series, just got a dodgy dvd rip of the film, [it's the same director as crouching tiger, hidden dragon], japanese girl with big katana blood-fest!

tom mcewens 'mongoose' hotwheels funny car dragster, this one i do have, i also had a don prudholme 'snake' model but i can't find it, the body lifts up to reveal the rollcage, driver and engine but it's on such a small scale that there's not a lot of detail, i can, however, remember the stickers were on a seperate sheet and applying them at my nan's flat on keddy road.

evel knievel action figure, never had one as a kid but can remember looking at them, can't remember seeing a model of the bike though so can't really see the point in just having the figure without the bike?

charlie george, signed for derby county in 1975 for £100,000, i can remember when he scored for arsenal and flicked us the 'v's', three years later he scored a hat-trick for derby against rael-madrid, look at the old ley-stand in the background, they are going ape-shit as he wheels away after scoring, i was in the old ozzie-end at the baseball ground when he scored this goal, football season starts tomorrow, home game against duncan ferguson's peterborough united, glory days are long gone but when you're a rams fan you just long for that old magic.............