another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 10 October 2011

ladies and gentlemen, the award for the most ugly forkleg in history goes for their airhead boxer twins', they really are horrible, it must have been great to have been in a styling meeting listening to the designers, 'we must incorporate a reflector into the side of the fork-leg lower casting, let's make it nasty!' anything you do to them is going to make them look better, prise the plastic reflector out of the casting and things only get worse, let's get it on the miller and remove some material, file and sand to shape, they are never going to be 'nice' but you have to try and get some shape into them, the mudguard mounting's bite the dust, i bought a norton wraparound type fibreglass copy at cadwell at the british historic racing meeting and that is where i'm going to be racing next season, the bhr are running a b.e.a.r.'s series, [british, european and american race series], no japper's, no new manx norton's or g50's and no honda fucking hailwood replicas, all production based racer's with a 25 year history, [the beemer is 30 year's old so fit's in ok], why do i spend so much time fettling old bikes and taking off almost immeasurable weight from them?, i've been on some of the power to weight ratio sites and believe it or not, 7lb in weight is equal to 1 free horsepower, like my old grandad used to say, 'look after the ounces and the pound's will look after themselve's youth.....'