another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 22 May 2010

ride, fuel, tea, matlock, [again], r1, r6, fireblade, gsxr, ducati, lambretta, yeah, lambretta, a rose amongst the thorns, proper.

me and dangerous went for a blast on the duc's today, we swapped bikes at calver after a tea-break, o.b. out in force, helicopter, van's, sneaky horrible standing behind walls and hedges shit, harrasment really, not really bothered, went for it anyway, think i'm responsible for killing half of the fly population in derbyshire.

public enemy.

booked in originally for a three hour sitting friday afternoon, get a phone call thursday afternoon, 'my ten o'clock has cancelled, can you get the day off, come in early and we can go for a ride friday?', 'sounds like a plan mate', i'm in at the shop at ten and ben is sketching away on my stomach with a sharpie, soon the skull, wind bars, water and cherry blossoms are outlined and he goes to work, colouring the water lillies and shading the detail on the skull, the door to the shop is open and the old soul tunes are chugging out, it's a lovely day out there., about two-ish we were both looking out of the window at the glorious weather and thinking we should be riding, clean up, grips in the autoclave and shutters down and we are in a suprisingly quiet matlock bath eating a late lunch in the sunshine at a pavement cafe and watching the world go by, a couple of pots of tea and we ride out to chatsworth house to look at the fantastic landsaped capability brown gardens, fountain and water feature, we stand at the side of the road waving at the pensioners on the tour buses and ben decides to chase the sheep, strange boy, we head up to carsington reservoir for one of their famous home made ice creams and sit on a wooden bench at the waters edge taking in the expanse of the lake until the midges start to feast on us, leisurely ride back stopping to show ben 'mountain cottage' overlooking the via gellia where dh lawrence wrote 'women in love', took it steady today, ben only passed his test a year ago via a direct access course, fair play to him, he got the train to london to pick up his bike from fred warrs, dropped it in the street outside and rode back up the motorway in a denim jacket and no gloves, sometimes you have to learn the hardway.................


bens night-train, yes i told him to take that hideous leather toolpouch off his bottom yoke, he told me to bollocks.

ben soon fed up with seeing identical night-train harley's everywhere he went and wanted to make his a little more individual, so, instead of the usual bolt on bubble pack chrome doo-da's he decided to go black, he didn't want the traditional paint job of an american eagle soaring above mount rushmore trailing the stars and bars so opted for 'carbon' wrapping the mudguards and tank, apparently it's pulled to shape and moulded on with a heat gun and is used by a lot of the car customisers, it looks very authentic and you can feel the 'weave' if you touch the material, its petrol and oil resistant and appears to be wearing well, rub over with a damp cloth and your done.