another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 10 September 2010

yeah, i know, it's really self-indulgent but i love this photo, i'm not in the same league as andy saunders, clarky, nick, giles, chris, nige and my mentor des '#42' davies, nevermind the other 30 lads in the 'zedder's starting line-up, i'm out there with them though and i'm having a go, i'm learning something each race and i'm pushing my boundaries and at the end of the day thats what it's all about.

friday afternoon and i have a session booked with ben, [the world's most handsome man and spiderman look-a-like], i'm due in at two pm but get a text to let me know he's had a massive four hour no-show, i'm there for 1.30 and straight down to work on my dragon piece down my right ribs, we break at three for a chunky kit-kat and brew, stevie marsh turns up, cue massive piss taking session and another two hours of solid tattoing, it's flying in today, we break at 5 for another brew and steve spy's my 'high octane' tee-shirt, that's his belly tattoo sorted then, [note to ben, you had better get some more ink ordered mate, you're going to need it tattooing that fat bastard!], two more hours and we call it a day, another amazing piece of work and a great afternoon with two good friends.