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Friday, 15 April 2016

bob smith

the most popular post on the loveless blog is nothing to do with my shallow rant's or amateur bike building projects but about a racer called bob smith. i originally posted a couple of photo's of bob and a few lines about how awesome this man was. he raced on a shoestring against the likes of gardner, haslam, sheene and the hardmen of the '80's and bested them all. a true talent and just a really nice, down-to-earth bloke, working and racing out of the back of his van and a world away from the shallow, corporate driven, 'i'd like to thank....' precosious brat's today. imagine my suprise when i was contacted by bob's brother-in-law, mike and bob's widow, lynda, who sent me a photo album of very personal pictures to post up on the blog. thank you lynda. thank you mike for sharing these intimate images of bob. i have many, many, more images to post up. the only thing that bob's family ask is that you just enjoy the pictures and don't use them for any financial gain and i will credit the original photographers where i can. this weekend see's the only genuine road racing in england at scarborough's oliver's mount circuit, the track where bob sadly lost his life. the spring bob smith races. a worthy tribute to a great racer. the first picture of bob is the last one taken before he lost his life. think about that. respect due.