another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 30 April 2010

rear brake master cylinder mounted to rearset, footpeg still needs work to lighten it off, don't know whether to knurl them or chop them away with a ball-end miller.

master cylinder for back brake mounted to rearset, toolmakers clamp to position cylinder to reverse of rearset, spot through, drill and tap 6mm, drilled and tapped blind so set screw can't be seen from the front, not as easy as it sounds, had to work out lever to actuating arm ratio, pivot on brake lever had to altered so the swingarm doen't hit it when suspension is under compression.

got rear sprockets off rob at racing lines, this little beauty is a renthal aluminium one, weighs ounces, when we measured the chain run we found out we were 2mm off-centre so had to make new spacer for offside and mill down the nearside one to bring the wheel into line, good news was that reversing the sprocket gave perfect chain alignment with the front sprocket, bad news was that we had to alter the rear caliper mounting bracket because the pads were binding on the disc, hate those chain adjusters, got to sort them out, fucking horrible, looking at the dangerous sport classic ducati i'm thinking along copying those, lot's of work mind but they have to be better than these.

my last two days holiday entitlement for last year, if i don't take them before may 1st i lose them so i book thursday and friday off, thursday is a lovely day, i'm working in the garden with my son jack and the dogs, as fast as i plant my bulbs the little fuckers are digging them up again, phone rings, 'ey up bastard, some wankers cancelled for my first slot friday morning, do you want an hour session?, 'yeah ben, i'll be there at 9.30, make sure the kettle's on', smart, get an hour on my on-going work, 10.30, phone rings, 'sorry mate can't make it today....', 'might as well carry on then mate...'

.....the phone rings and it's ben's 12 'o clock appointment, 'sorry mate, can't make it today..', 'might as well bash on and get a bit of tattooing done then', says ben, out with the sharpie and he's free-handing for twenty minutes before rubbing it out and starting again, 'let's drop two flowers in there and add to the wind bars.......', we just get plugging away, when you do a long session you just chill, it just sort of flows, your body just gets used to the abuse that you are inflicting on it and the endorphins kick in, it's simillar to when i used to fight, you didn't feel anything until you stopped.

detail of the hoo-bird, [japanese phoenix], we decided not to add the red to it and leave it as a simple black and grey piece.