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Friday, 12 October 2012

Who Killed Bambi?

Your body clock is a strange thing, mine is so programmed to getting up at 0500 hrs that even on a weekend, or,when I'm on holiday, I wake up at the same time, so, let's get this straight, we are in Texas, that's six hour's behind uk time, so 0500 uk time is now 2300 hrs the day before, so, mrs b wakes me up at 0200 hrs by asking me if I'm awake! 0200hrs Texas time is equal to 0800 hrs uk time today, are you still following this? (There will be a test later) so effectively, I've had a lie-in, why is it then that I still feel slightly 'strange?' Chilled out day today, good to catch up with the kid's, that's the trouble with 'real life'it just get's in the way of everything that's important, spending time together, talking and having a laugh, Jack looked out of the window and spotted the deer's trying to pinch the Chevy, 'Dad, Bambi's trying to have the Suburban away!' I had to do what a dad had to do, I killed Bambi! (I didn't really, I would never hurt an animal, I just went outside with Jess and took some photo's)