another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 10 January 2010

elvis, he lives in my shed, i bought him in benalmedina in spain on the worst holiday of my life, the costa-del-sol is a shithole, the only highlights were the monkeys on the rock at gibralta who mugged a kid for a biscuit especially after the tour guide had warned everybody about having food around a 150lb wild primate and his parents thought it was a good idea for their off-spring to feed the 'cute little monkey', thankfully the brat wasn't injured and the monkey got his biscuit and i got a copy of james clavell's epic 'shogun' novel from a secondhand book shop in marbella.

the sporty, waiting for spring.

i love sheds, they speak volumes, i'm probably happier here than anywhere else in the world, this space is mine and mine alone, my bench i made from two old stillages from work, the worktop is an offcut from my ma's kitchen, the dogs love to get in here with me, they lie on the old plastic garden chair that's covered with a tartan blanket and go to sleep, i have radio 4 on all the time, never turn it off unless i'm listening to the rams commentary if their playing away, sometimes i bring my docking station out and put the i-pod on shuffle, the stuff on the walls is all random stuff, tattoo shop business cards from all over the world, old stickers and photocopies of vintage boardracers, postcards and loads of random stuff, everybody needs a shed, send me photo's of yours and i will post them.

paid a visit to local breakers, i'm sorry but i can't give them a mention as the owner is a complete nobhead, one of the lads who works there is a nice bloke though and on this occasion i was lucky, i love rooting through breakers yards, so much potential amongst the junk, you just have to search through it, i got a yamaha thunderace clutch perch with lever for a fiver and an anonymous kawasaki front master cylinder with adjustable lever for a ten spot, the reservoir is damaged but i can sort that out, it's a 19mm, probably a bit fierce for a single disc set-up but i really don't like a lever with lots of takeup before anything happens, i gave the lad a 20 spot tip, he knows the score and if i can get one over on his governor even better, the clip-ons were off rob at racing lines in derby and were different colours, they are mild steel and had been zinc-passivated a nasty piss yellow colour, luckily it's only a few microns thick so a quick rub with some solvol and they are now matching.

this is the master cylinder and adjustable span lever, the black powder-coating was flaking off where the brake fluid was leaking out of the reservoir which was damaged, quick splash with nitromors, a blast with the brass wire cup-brush in the drill and some stainless domies out of the stock draw and it's looking good, i'm going to use a little plastic harris fluid reservoir on a carbon fibre bracket, i got a formula 3 racecar airbox off one of the girls at work who's old man works at a racing manufacturer, they were going to chuck it in the bin but i can re-cycle it, it's good quality autoclaved carbon.

fork-brace, nearly there with the initial machining, stock was again a scrap yard special, weigh it on the scales and pay what they bought it in for, saves you a fortune on buying new stock from a supplier.