another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 10 January 2010

paid a visit to local breakers, i'm sorry but i can't give them a mention as the owner is a complete nobhead, one of the lads who works there is a nice bloke though and on this occasion i was lucky, i love rooting through breakers yards, so much potential amongst the junk, you just have to search through it, i got a yamaha thunderace clutch perch with lever for a fiver and an anonymous kawasaki front master cylinder with adjustable lever for a ten spot, the reservoir is damaged but i can sort that out, it's a 19mm, probably a bit fierce for a single disc set-up but i really don't like a lever with lots of takeup before anything happens, i gave the lad a 20 spot tip, he knows the score and if i can get one over on his governor even better, the clip-ons were off rob at racing lines in derby and were different colours, they are mild steel and had been zinc-passivated a nasty piss yellow colour, luckily it's only a few microns thick so a quick rub with some solvol and they are now matching.

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