another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 10 January 2010

i love sheds, they speak volumes, i'm probably happier here than anywhere else in the world, this space is mine and mine alone, my bench i made from two old stillages from work, the worktop is an offcut from my ma's kitchen, the dogs love to get in here with me, they lie on the old plastic garden chair that's covered with a tartan blanket and go to sleep, i have radio 4 on all the time, never turn it off unless i'm listening to the rams commentary if their playing away, sometimes i bring my docking station out and put the i-pod on shuffle, the stuff on the walls is all random stuff, tattoo shop business cards from all over the world, old stickers and photocopies of vintage boardracers, postcards and loads of random stuff, everybody needs a shed, send me photo's of yours and i will post them.

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