another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 16 July 2009

sprinter waiting for the off, hope it's a closed road because that looks suspicously like a car with it's headlight's on coming the other way, love the skinny little slick tyre on the bike, we have become obssessed over the last few years with monster tyres, they cost too much and make your bike handle like shit, let's get back to reality, [like my next post!]

'sakata kaidomaru struggling with a huge carp under a waterfall', kuniyoshi utagawa

cool mexican style skull

number 59 is not even out of the turn and already he has his left hand on the fork leg, twelve riders in this shot and you could throw a coat over them.

jack, me and jesse james's new pitbull, mr.t.

jack and me at west coast choppers, west anaheim street, long beach, california, we stopped over one night in long beach on the long drive from nevada to santa clarita, california, we checked on the sat-nav where wcc was and discovered it was only four blocks away, when we pulled up outside i had a feeling of apprehension, you know, sometimes when you go somewhere you just hope that you are not dissapointed, i thought we might get some 'attitude' off them but nothing could be further than the truth, they were very friendly and let us wander around taking photo's and looking at the bikes, cars and kool shit in there, we were having our photo taken outside the big gates and there was a guy mending the gate behind us, i told him to 'get his ugly face outta my photo' and he just laughed and we had the crack, suddenly, a dog started barking behind the gate and jack asked if it was cisco, jesse jame's pibull, the guy said cisco had died but introduced us to his new dog, mr.t, no attitudes, just real people, even if you don't like his bikes he has stuck to his guns and kept with the spirit of chopper's not like the wankers who have jumped on the bandwagon.