another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

kuniyoshi - girl with sword.

dead japanese girl with big katana.


sportster cafe racer, monoshock conversion, upside downers, three spoke 17's, oil tank in seat, brown seat, supertrapp header pipes, fucking cool.

since jess sent me the mexican artwork i have been having a look for more images and came across this little gem, this is for you jessica b.

ncr 'mike hailwood' racer, they wanted to race at this year's tt races but the authorities kicked them out because they thought the titanium frame wasn't up to the stress of racing the mountain cicuit, shame really, i would have loved to have seen this big ducati at the scene of one of the greatest racing comebacks in history, mike hailwood's 1978 tt victory on a 900ss supersport