another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

i'm caning the chess chartbuster series at the moment, six cd's of pure class rythm and blues, saw the film 'cadillac records' on flight to the 'states, it's the story of leonard chess and the chess label, when his artits had a hit record he bought them a caddy in recognition, there's a great scene in the movie where little walter cuts the doors off his car because of the hot weather! class.

board track racer- big v twin engine in a pushbike frame, no brakes, 21" wheels with primitive tyres, leather flying helmet and a jumper to protect you from the wooden boards if you binned it, brave men, brave men.

bevel-drive ducati special, i love this bike, it's got a reg plate mounting under the seat, imagine this with a daytime m.o.t up the cat and fiddle, [before they put up the average speed cameras in september according to a report in today's mc news]

you get used to seeing all the roth art from the sixties featuring all the 'cartoon crazy creatures' that he is so famous for that you would probably overlook this little gem,so cool.