another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 15 April 2010

went to see the brilliant play 'meeting joe strummer' on tuesday night, two actors, no special effects, simple and heartfelt, laugh out loud and sad in equal measure, try and catch the remaining dates or visit

got my entry for festival of a thousand bikes at mallory park accepted this week, got three track sessions booked, access all areas passes and camping for three days for £85, bargain, i'm in the 'p' class, medium fast race bikes, i'm happy with that, at least i have a date to work to now, don't know if i'll be ready, [it's july for fuck's sake!], don't know if i will have enough money for my tyres but if i do manage to get out on the track then it will all have been worthwhile.

mounting needs wet and drying to fit frame rail, then piece of 20mm round stock cut to fill gap between bracket and seat, drill and tap 6mm, tap 6mm stud and loctite into mounting, tighten round stock onto it, drill seat base, drill and tap round stock, drill fibreglass unit and fasten on with 6mm dome heads, drill and tap bottom of mounting, make cross strap and fasten between frame rails to stop subframe moving, starting to get the amount of work you need to build something like this yet?

need two more mounting points for the front of the subframe, the cobra's are no good in hindsight, scrap that idea, need to make two mountings to fit , problem, the frame rails are 'dropping' and they are angled in towards the tank mounting, measure the angle, 12 degrees, set up the miller vice and bore two holes to wrap around the frame, this is where the time goes, hours of work for something that you wouldn't even notice yet when it's done it could save a load of time at the track, damage the fibreglass unit and it's a simple task to just mount it to the subframe.

had to change tack this week, checked out petrol tank and the tank sealer kit actually worked, [as a result of this i now have to stand in the market place in derby and expose my arse as dangerous keeps reminding me], so, the rearsets and controls were left so i could mount the seat and get the paintwork sorted by mad john, [paint fumes, thinners, licking tack rags = mad john], so, knock up a subframe for the '04 honda race seat to sit on, can't mount it on the frame rails as the seat to rearset height is too low so the seat hight has to be raised to suit hence the subframe, the back mountings are easy, two pieces of 20mm round stock, drilled and tapped 6mm, drill the cross-bracing on the frame and mount, cardboard template to match the profile of the fibreglass seat milled to shape, right, how do we mount the front of the seat?, nick two 25mm cobra clips from work, clip onto the frame rail, easy, hold on a minute, whats to stop the seat 'yawning' backwards under acceleration or wheelies or sliding forward under braking?, ummm, rethink required.