another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Solitary. In confinement.

Strange times indeed, I mean, why would people flock to Skegness for fucks sake? You are more likely to get food poisoning from one of the chippy’s or end up buying tat from Spall’s or getting hit by a rogue wind turbine blade that spins off and decapitates you,  be sensible people, keep safe, buy more records it’s a well known fact that sniffing old vinyl is a cure for this horrible virus, [allegedly]...... get out on your bike and enjoy the empty roads, watch Walking Dead for clues, check your tyre pressures, be nice to people, clean your chain, apply lube, don’t ride like a twat after the winter lay-off, the NHS is stretched to the limit, [Mrs B is doing 14 hour shifts at the moment] don’t put more stress on it by smearing yourself on a stone wall. Tell everyone how you feel, ‘I love you’ costs nothing but means everything, be nice. be patient. be human.