another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 10 January 2016


had a ride over to newark for the traditional 'winter warmer' this show is dying, half the size of the past few years, overpriced tat, cheap, horrible tool's, 'snap-off'  toss 'biker' fingerless gloves / skull bandanas / 'if you can read this the bitch has fell off'' patches and leather good's, plastic helmets and some bloke selling 'polished' stainless at stupid prices, i'm in the wrong job me, buy a load of shite quality imported 'stainless', machine the grade marks off it and a quick polish and bang them out at four-quid a bolt? squeeze me, baking powder? are people really that gullible? [don't get me started about the bike-shed]  it's a bike show, why do i want to look at stalls selling 'ultimate shower heads' or cooking pot's? total waste of time, the only bikes worth looking at were the scooters, [particularly the total carbon, drop-headset lambretta, just a beautiful bike with lot's of lovely engineering, tried to get a picture of the ' tt legends' scooter with the amazing airbrush pictures of all the old tourist trophy riders on it but had my old box-brownie on the wrong settings and didn't manage to get one decent picture i'm afraid, hey-ho. a word of advice to the organisers. don't charge the vendor's. simples. more vendor's =more competition = lower prices= happier punters. no vendor's= no-show. i'm no genius me but why charge vendor's to show their wares? you are making a fucking fortune off the general paying public! why be greedy and charge the people who are trying to make a living? they've made nothing this weekend. will they be back next year? i don't think so and neither will the punters..........................just sayin' [i'm here all week, any international bank's or multi-national corporation's need any business advice just leave me a bag of used twenty's by the shed door, i promise i'll ring you back / the cheques in the post / i won't come in your mouth......]