another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 13 November 2009

i'm picking up new project bike tomorrow. you might be surprised. maybe not. photo's to follow.

real road racing. ernst degner, mz is number 19.


punk rock.

xr750 sporty, '59 number board, perfect.

chopper. probably one of the better biker novels if the truth be told, i always wondered if his facial 'markings', [there's no way they are tattoos, even really bad scratchers would get the swastika the right way around!], were real, cut in with a knife and allowed to scar like an early scarrification or just drawn on with a red felt-tip? this was from a time when the iron cross symbol was still a sign of rebellion and not readily available to every tom, dick and harry in walmart stores.

put this one up for all fans of leopard-print seat covers, yeah, i had some in my first car, a mini clubman that i had half shares in with my mum, she used it in the day for her job as a homecare aid and i got to use it at night after work and alternate weekends, first job was to dig out the ac/dc cassette, then stretch those lovely nylon leopard skin covers over the seats and we were good to go.