another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

one of those 'oh shitttttttt' moments for sure!

i remember when barse first got a copy of this book and showed it to me at his house, it was late summer, about three weeks after going to the kent custom bike show, we just sat at the back of his house drinking tea and poring over the details of the photo's of the bikes in it, these were pre 'iron horse' days, [that is another story in itself], we didn't own harleys then and we were both riding around on cutdown bmw boxer twins, but something was in the air, a change, only those who were there at the time will know this but this book mattered.

big jim dunn, i love these old dragster photo's, the power and noise and smell of the fuel just seems to be real somehow, not like a photograph of 'normal' motorsport, real violence and unpredictability, dangerous.

anti-pasti, derby's famous punk band, seem to remember they got their name off the menu of the italian restraunt opposite the old bell hotel in sadlergate? many great nights at their gigs, one in particular was at the old wilmorton college, police escort back into the town centre, 100 plus punks and skins, felt like we really could change the world......

Monday, 29 June 2009

painting your wheel rims red, white handlebar grips and matt black paint on your twin-cam is not old school no matter how much you try and convince yourself, this is old school, ironhead sporty in goosenecked frame, swingarm and strutted, moulded tank and rear mudguard, lovely digger stylee motorcycle, plus, check me out, dirty 501's, tucked in print shirt, leather cutoff, metal god blow dried hair and mexican porn star moustache, that's old school and it's proper.

one for barson.

give up. check out the blog. stunning artwork.

here's one from the past, [courtesy of barse @ abk blog], nick, [on right] and timmy loveless pouring over nick's hardtail kawasaki, we had been down to phil pipers show down in leicestershire and we were on the way home when nicks recently finished chop developed one of those really annoying 'starts ok, run's for half-a-mile and cut's out bastard!' faults, by this time we didn't even take our helmets off but just crouched down and swore a lot. that's my bmw cafe racer in the background, tuned by jim cray, it flew, got a letter off some guy in france recently who had bought it.

went to the peaks ncc show yesterday, it was ok but nothing really fired me up, met up with nick, [he filled me in with a progress report on the guzzi project], went to the countrywide cafe with dave for tea and toasted teacakes and picked a bargain 'taschen' book up by h.r. giger, he's the bloke who is famous for his bio-mechanical art work, [he designed the 'alien' monsters and film sets]. dug out some vinyl and found the crass album, you know, it still sounds angry after all these years, i've always loved their logo, you used to see it on a thousand leather jackets at punk gigs, never had it on one of mine though i wish i had done.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

jay springsteen. hardcore.

i had a katana, the 1000cc model, homolagation special with the mikuni slide carbs not the 1100 cv carb model, they bought it out for the old f1 rules, [capacity not exceeding 1000ccc], loved it, put a gsx 1100 top yoke on and ran it with straight bars, it was a bit of an animal!

fuck me, i'm so proud to have my chop as the header page on the national choper club shires show homepage, thank you!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

the clash, "when you lot get out
we're gonna hit the town,
we will burn it fucking down,
to a cinder! stay free.

ducati special, 1000ds motor, one-off frame, 750/900ss fairing, triple 9 tank and seat unit, love it.

harley davidson with ducati desmo heads, don't know what's happening with the pushrod tubes on the rear cylinder?, surely you can ditch those as valves are being operated by the belts?, could be oil feed to top-end?, any ideas?

this was a really nice little model funny car with hinged body revealing the frame, engine and the same driver as in the organ grinder model!

back into the toy box for this little gem from '71, the gloworm ford capri.

lovely vintage picture of indian racer, possible salt-flats?
comet cyclone gasser, 427cu inch engine, squint and it could almost be a vauxhall viva, what you saying?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

ducati, when you positively have to out-lean everything else on the road.

soldiers field 1940 race meeting, check that out for a crowd, moto gp?, world superbikes?, whhhatevvver!

max grundy, art for the apocalypse.

class 70's photo of big john mazmanians funny car, now how does the song go? "your plymouth dealer is a dealing man yeah, yeah, a dealing man"

Saturday, 20 June 2009

my sporty chop.

daily bikepornfix, gettin' kinda squirelly!, proper bike, just enough to make it run, engine, two wheels, frame to hold it all together, miniscule fuel holder, rigid frame, clip-on's, reminds me of one of my bikes?

another stunning shot from the poll tax riots, rastaman versus the law.

igor stimac, rams legend, we got dicked 5-1 by tranmere in his first game, he scored for derby, we did'nt lose another game all season after that and got automatic promotion after beating crystal palace at the old baseball ground.

yep, that's a suzuki rg 500 motor in a lambretta frame, sometimes i think i'm strange, then you find stuff like this, mental.

nun in a gas mask

motorcycle wheels on cars works for me, can you see any form of 'forward motion retention-system interface device'????

Friday, 19 June 2009

"ever fallen in love with someone, ever fallen in love with someone, ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with.........." the mighty buzzcocks.

steve bloomer's watching

ncr ducati - bikeporndailyfix.

quartermaster dragster at the 'pod............ front engined dragsters roool.

here's a picture of the quartermaster corgi model, [mint and boxed], mine's old and played with!

quartermaster dragster at the 'pod, i'm stoked at finding all my old corgi dragsters out again, this is the real car, never saw it in the flesh, [too young!], but i still have the corgi model, it's 39 years old, gulp.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

yep, i'm listening to the jam tonight, iconic photograph and no sign of paul weller, [that's bruce foxton, the bass player doing the jump]

wish i had the balls to take the belt covers off my ducati and run it open like this, perhaps get away with it on the track but on the road?, one little stone and it's goodnight vienna, like to see stuff spinning around, i'd like to put my fingers in there, oh, i just got a feeling of deja-vu there........................

after digging through my collection of model cars after the 'wild honey' post, i came across this little gem, the 'organ grinder' funny car from 1971, the driver has the old fashioned welders mitts, open face helmet and gas mask combo going on!

amazing hotrod beetle, so much work in this, the front axle is pulled way forward, roof chop and channeled, just imagine how high a standard beetle engine sits then look at the roof line,in comparison, absolute genius.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

check you out girlfriend!, i'm back playing the chess records compilation.

wild honey dragster by 'corgi' 1971

the wild honey dragster at santa-pod raceway late 60's/early '70s?, it was a straight-six xk jaguar engine run by the ison brothers, when i was a kid i had a corgi model of this car and loved it to bits, imagine my suprise one day when walking to my auntie alices house to pay her a visit i saw the real car on a driveway at sinfin!, the guy in the house saw me nosing around it and i suspect was just about to deliver me a right royal bollocking until i told him about owning the model, the guy let me have a good look at it and spent a while telling me about his racing exploits, don't know which of the ison brothers he was, [one passed away recently], but he was a real kool guy.

another shot of the fantastic bevel-drive duke, how nice is that then?

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

the hardest working man in show business, mr james brown, pure genius, i'm listening to him tonight.

this is christine noonan who starred in the 1968 lindsey anderson film 'if...', i can remember watching this film on late night tv when i was young and it had a real effect on me, a group of bullied pupils at an english grammar school turn against their tormentors and in a brilliant climax to the film attack them from the rooftops of the school with hand grenades and machine guns, school was never the same for me again.....

this is my 'girls bike' tough innit?

sportsters rule, you know they do, you just listen to other people too much who tell you they are an 'entry level bike' or, worse still 'a girls bike', well my 'girls bike' can blow the fucking wheels off your 'big twin' so do us all a favour, polish your concho's, a have a ride down the dealers and treat yourself to some bolt-on crap and leave the sportys for people who can ride a motorcycle.