another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

the wild honey dragster at santa-pod raceway late 60's/early '70s?, it was a straight-six xk jaguar engine run by the ison brothers, when i was a kid i had a corgi model of this car and loved it to bits, imagine my suprise one day when walking to my auntie alices house to pay her a visit i saw the real car on a driveway at sinfin!, the guy in the house saw me nosing around it and i suspect was just about to deliver me a right royal bollocking until i told him about owning the model, the guy let me have a good look at it and spent a while telling me about his racing exploits, don't know which of the ison brothers he was, [one passed away recently], but he was a real kool guy.

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