another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

timmy loveless and gordy, rock and blues, 2004, 'i'm livin' in a box, i'm livin' in a cardboard box.................'

timmy loveless and gordy, shires show, shropshire, 2004. [thanks for the photo barse, abk eng blog]

dangerous. donington park, norton day.

road sign in venice beach, los angeles, we had been down to the venice boardwalk to check out the heads, freaks, street artists, prostitutes, hip-hoppers break dancers, skateboarders, [venice is home to the famous z boys of lords of dogtown fame] it was a funny day, the wind was blowing off the shore and out to sea, whipping up the white sand and eddying in mini-tornadoes across the deserted beach, mid-week is the best time to visit venice, it's a lot more chilled out than the weekends, it was a cool wind especially after the morning spent in the farmers market in neighbouring santa monica just up the coast, we were walking back to the car and i glanced up at this sign with it's combination of band, skateboard and jesus stickers and it just seemed to capture the day......................................

bevel drive ducati 750ss racer at donington norton day, absolutely stunning bike, check out the glass bevel covers, clear 'fuel strip' in the tank so you can keep a visual on fuel levels, like the little mega held on with springs and the brown suede seat, nice.

commando racer from the recent norton day at donington park, drilled engine plates, belt primary and the paint worked for me.

sidecar outfit, 'speedstar' available from habitat for the considerable sum of £35! i like it but would prefer the old combination from 'britains' that they put out in the late 60's/early 70's, bet you could get one for less than £35 too.

ace little sidecar combination from 'britains'