another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 16 August 2015

oop's!, i did it again

i remember the first time i saw a ducati hypermotard, me and dangerous went into a 'well known, midlands, motorcycle dealer' and there it was, whoa! my initial thoughts were i don't know what it is but i really, really like it! i couldn't take my eyes off it, for once i was literally speechless, poring over the details, the underseat exhaust, the 'beak' the tiny headlamp, rear light aero-foil thing , the single sided swing arm, the back wheel 'floating' in mid air, the fork protectors, radial brakes, abbreviated front mudguard, just so beautiful and so different, then i looked at the price tag, not for the common working man, just unobtanium.
 scroll forward seven years, i sold the 900ss, sold 'yellow-hammer' and had a garage clearout of all my redundant 'spares' and i was in a position to purchase an eleven plate, two owner, low mileage 796 hyper from a kawasaki dealer in britains second city, two new pirelli rosso's, new belts, oil and filter, three months warranty, six months tax and a tank of fuel sealed the deal.
      the original bar end mirror / indicator combo had been replaced with ducati performance items, horrible, sticking out like mickey mouses ears, first thing i did when i got home from picking the bike up was take them off, got them on the 'bay and purchased oberon bar end indicators and a mirror, to fit the indicators required sawing off the end of the bar's as they have a machined section to fit the oem parts. mrs b's face was a picture, [and her language a tad 'fruity' to say the least when she bought me a cup of tea into the shed to find me attacking the bars with a hacksaw!] 'tim, for fu[ inaudible as she slips into scottish] 'you've had it less than twenty-four hours and your cutting it up already!'
       so, i've got my hypermotard and the more i look at all the goodies you can get for them, the carbon, titanium, the exotic exhausts, blah, blah, blah, the more i'm thinking that i might just keep this one [almost] stock, i'm loving the performance, the quiet pipe, the big numberplate, i'm mr anonymous, especially behind that black visor. no one acknowledges you, not sports bike riders, harley riders or tourers or the too kool for skool 'brand new, your retro' beardies and that's something i'm revelling in............