another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

smokin' aces, watch this film, it's up there with 'pulp fiction', loads of kool shit, bosting soundtrack , laugh out loud funny, gunfights, drugs, horny women ..................and alicia keys.

sportsters, like women, can't live with them, can't live without them, when mine was pissing oil out of the front-pot head gasket, all over my leg and the back tyre was as bald as a badger's arse and barse's gearbox bearings gave up the ghost you just want to throw it in a ditch, but when their sorted and running sweet, [iv'e dropped two discs out of the supertrapp and put the shorty s+s bellmouth back on], well, fight the power!

dodge racer and 'jungle pam'

last chance, yeah, it felt like it on sunday.

paul smart sport classic, really like this photo, i went to mfn sunday with gordy, stu, steve and barse, it seemed really strange, i had a touch of deja-vu about the whole afternoon, don't know if it was the approaching autumn and everything starting to close down for the long winter ahead or if it was perhaps the the fact that it's time to morph and develop again, i looked around the bikes and barring the wonderful triumph metisse there wasn't a bike i would have wanted to take home, the whole experience left me a little empty, i really could not get enthusiastic about a bunch of bikes which stu remarked on 'cost more than my fucking house', i was glad to leave it behind and get to barse's for a decent brew with like minded people.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

thinking about this one for a tattoo, probably on my ribs, left-side, love her, she is beautiful.

love to find a copy of this one.


skull ring.

leather jacket, blonde hair and tight jeans, studs and badges ...................and long nights in the shed mending the fucking triumph!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

ben part, [of sideburn fame] guzzi cafe racer and beautiful girl, originally used in a davida helmet advert but what a classic photo.

750ss bevel drive.

i really love this picture, ironhead sportster, white leathers, red wing boots, s+s carb, straight through drag pipes and flames, it really doesn't get any better than this.


nostalgia drags this weekend at shaky, front engine dragsters with pie crust slicks rule, [apart from straight axle gassers, preferably tri-chevy], which would rip your kidneys out and eat them.

kawasaki h1r, 500cc, powerful two stroke engine built into a frame with a hinge in the middle, shit brakes and tt1oo tyres, great fun, my mate hancock who was a few years older than me had the test bike out from the old davique motique shop on boulton lane, i met him on wilsmore road on my old 250cc rd yamaha, we swapped bikes and i ripped off on the h1, the bastard frightened me to death, the steering damper was not just for show i can tell you!

Monday, 14 September 2009

ducati supersport project, i'm liking the mega's poking out the bottom of the seat unit, bet there not loud.

lambretta racer, you need some bottle to get this far over on 10" wheels and michelin s1 tyres in the wet.

neat triumph drag racer, white jet helmet and bubble visor looks good, the guy has the racer thousand yard stare thing going on too, not sure about the plaid socks and lace up brogues combo though, can't see that one appearing in "dice" magazine.

well cool japanese girl rocker with big katana, [what do you mean she hasn't got a sword?, it's behind her back].

very smart sporty cafe-racer, lose that 'forcewinder' air filter and put a s+s 4" bellmouth on it and it would be perfect.

kenny roberts, demon flat-track racer and world champion road racer, [bet he couldn't get past me and barse on that left-hander going into heanor though].

Saturday, 12 September 2009


alan hinton, or "gladys" to old school derby county fans, the white boots and his lack of commitment in tackles or heading the ball drawing hoots of derision, but was there ever a better left winger in the mighty ram's history? his ability to deliver a cross into the box or from a deadball position was and still is the stuff of legends, even better, we bought him from the scum for a knockdown 30k after he failed to make an impact at the shitty ground and did he ever come back to haunt them- bigtime!

Friday, 11 September 2009

the mc5, "kick out the jams motherfuckers", awesome.

e.j. potter, "the michigan madman"

ducati desmodicici rr.

neil at cornerspeed working on the desmodicici rr, the gold engine cases are magnesium, every fastener on the bike is titanium, the rear wheel is a 16" with specialy made bridgestone bt016 tyre, the front is a conventional 17", the black heat guard on the top of the seat unit where the exhaust exits is made from the same material as the tiles on the space shuttle, this bike really is exotica.

desmo rr at cornerspeed, the gap between the headlights is a straight inlet tract to the airbox, ohlins gold nitrated gas forks.

ducati desmodicici rr, £43,ooo to you sir, but that does full warranty and servicing for three years, called in at cornerspeed ducati shop and neil was working on one, he had the tank and fairing off and are they ever a fantastic piece of engineering, all the bodywork is autoclave carbon fibre, the finish on the unpainted side of the panels is lush, [shame to cover it with paint really], the seat unit has no subframe underneath, it's a monocoque carbon fibre item which bolts to the frame, or what little of what you could call a frame and carries the exhausts, the engine is a stressed member and the rear suspension bolts directly to the back of it to reduce the bikes length, the whole bike is tiny, about the same size as a 250, if you get the chance to see one have a good look as there's enough to keep the most jaded motorcycle enthusiast happy for hours studying the incredible engineering and attention to detail.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

thats what i call clip-on's!, car tyre in the back, weird front forks, leading link or are they just rigid pushbike type beefed up with a bit of bracing, belt-driven overhead cams?, don't know anything about this machine, just found the photo on a vintage page, it's got to be some sort of vintage sprinter?

indian new york police dept.

dutch t.t., assen, 1931.

i had a photo of the amazing shovelhead with ducati heads on the blog a few months ago and now the latest pictures are of the almost finished bike, very tasty, still love the belts driving the desmo valve gear.

not sure about the new sporty xr1200, sometimes i look at them and think 'yeah' , other times it's a 'hmmmm?', came across this one on the adrenaline-moto site, they run adrenaline-moto alongside the trojan-horse buell site, i really like this one, reminds me of the japanese 'sundance' racer from a few years ago.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

this is one of my dogs, gus is his name, this is a picture of him when he was a puppy, [check out the tv remote control at the side of him for scale], friday night i took him and his bro ted out for the normal tea time walk, let them off in the woods and they did that usual mental jack russell barking, running fighting thing, up the hill towards the stile and i notice a trace of blood on gus's left side, on investigation he has a 2 inch cut in his side, no worries, phone ahead to trish to contact the vet, a couple of stitches and a jab and he will be fine, in the car and down to the vet's, "it's a little more serious i'm afraid" says the vet, my blood chills, it appears a stick has pierced his side, approx. 10mm in diameter, it's glanced off his ribs and entered 130mm into his body but missed vital organs, as he has pulled off the stick it's cut him 50mm in the opposite direction, he has had a lump of damaged tissue removed and a drain fitted to get rid of the blood, he's stitched up now and pretty poorly but the vet thinks he should be ok, gus, the hardest dog in the world- ever.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

ducati desmodromic valve gear, i love two-valve ducati engine, the power is lovely, you drop into a corner and accelerate out and the power delivery is just so linear, they don't feel intimidating or particularly fast just usable power, i got into trouble on sunday when i rode up to calver to meet barse, jake and gordie, set off on the sporty the day after doing 200+ miles on the duc, you need to re-adjust your riding style considerably because the two bikes are so different, after a day in the company of the duc you forget what a handful the sporty can be, shaking it's head and the front end washing out on the skinny tyre, certainly had a few interesting moments thats for sure!

no, it's not jesus, the son of god but the infamous derek hales, the rams legend, signed from charlton in 1976 where he earned the nickname 'the killer' for his 72 goals in 129 appearances the mighty rams signed him in 1977, he scored just 4 goals in 23 games and was sold on to west ham the following season.

ratbikes have become very contrived over recent years, lots of plastic skulls and shit stuck on them for the sake of it rather than getting back to the tough, functional, matt black bikes that they once represented, i think this was once a goldwing, but the owner has converted it to monoshock with ducati style underseat exhausts and big chunky tyres, tough as they come.

wakan racer, sportsters still rule.

the wakan sportster racer project, powered by a 1600cc s+s sporty motor, 250 gp bike dimensions, looks like a lot of fun this one, very smart.