another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

paul smart sport classic, really like this photo, i went to mfn sunday with gordy, stu, steve and barse, it seemed really strange, i had a touch of deja-vu about the whole afternoon, don't know if it was the approaching autumn and everything starting to close down for the long winter ahead or if it was perhaps the the fact that it's time to morph and develop again, i looked around the bikes and barring the wonderful triumph metisse there wasn't a bike i would have wanted to take home, the whole experience left me a little empty, i really could not get enthusiastic about a bunch of bikes which stu remarked on 'cost more than my fucking house', i was glad to leave it behind and get to barse's for a decent brew with like minded people.

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  1. Like wise mate, some times its not all about bikes, well not the ones on Sunday, the triumph was raw with soft edges, for me at the minute its about riding and I'm going to drag the season right into the winter sunset!!