another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

well, got the dural from the scrappy's so it's time to get cracking on the top yoke, it's not rocket science, trace round the bottom yoke onto a cornflake box, cut it out and draw round it to give you the basic shape, drop the dural onto the pillar drill and rough out the shape, then onto the mighty miller to clean it up, the dural is good quality, after i chain drilled it i followed the hole patterns to get the basic shape and it was hard work with the old hacksaw.

fork and steering stem holes bored, this is the first job in case you drop a bollock, the yoke is just too big, [40mm thick], target depth is 25mm but thin it down to 28mm and then leave a little stock on it so it can be fly-cut in case it get's bruised while working.

i chain drilled the scallop on the front to save time but it leaves it really rough, you can shape it on the miller but it would take ages.

so, time to drop it back on the miller to clean it up.

starting to take shape now.