another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 14 March 2010

right, after yesterday's failed attempt at a ride due to the dog's emotional blackmail i'm up early, breakfast, shower, walk dog's, [had a 'when jack russells go bad moment', 'watch your dog mate, the black and white one's ok but the white ones a nutter', my dog gus is on short lead, harness, his dog, a springer is on full lead, yapping and barking at gus, 'mate, watch him, he's a nasty bastard', he doesn't reel his dog in, i'm trying to pick gus up when the springer decides it's going to jump at him, big mistake, gus grip's him, starts to shake, typical terrier working dog, he's clamped on, no way is he letting go, claret, the blokes dog gets hurt because he can't contol his own dog, twat, get home, riding gear on and start the sporty, there's a pile of salt and crap down the middle of the road, you can taste the salt on your lips as the cars kick it up, check out my rear tyre, it's cold,but it really doesn't matter, springs here.

open face helmet by cromwell, designer 'low-light' hi-vis eye protection from the kent custom bike show circa 1994, countryside courtesy of derbyshire, dead white fingers, combination of english springtime and harley davidson, got my regs and entry forms from bemsee on friday, eight meetings, the prices to enter the races took me suprise, £295 for a weekend at brands hatch, the cheapest is pembrey at £220, fuck me, i can't afford that, might get two meetings in this year, i thought mz racing was entry level?

the sporty, stopped on a minor road between hognaston and ashbourne, that's carsington water in the background, no green on the hedges yet, bloody cold, back into belper for fuel, onto a6 towards matlock, got passed by a couple of jappers in ambergate, still cool, turn right towards ripley then a left at the excavator pub, love this bit of road, motors nice and warm now, tyres as warm as they are ever going to get when the ambient temperature is eight degrees, short shift through the gears, past the rock and blues site at coney grey and soon reach the thirty limit at rowsley, dead on thirty, well known speed camera spot, left at lights, past the ruined manor at south wingfield, [they kept mary, queen of scots prisoner here, the land is privately owned but the manor is owned by the national trust, well worth a visit when the knobhead who own's the land lets the n.t. open it to the public], into crich, downhill all the way to the a6 at ambergate, turn right to matlock?, no, i'm chilled, can't be bothered with struggling to park, risking getting nicked for no indicators, loud pipes, small number plate, blah, blah, blah, turn left, back towards derby, pull into the layby for a brew, i think about gary inman when he wrote a great piece for classic bike magazine, 'tea should be served in a polystyrene cup, not coffee, save that for starbucks', i get my tea and walk back to my bike, the layby is crowded with bikes but nothing worth a second glance, just bog-stock jappers and harleys in a line, i don't really know if i want to be a part of this anymore, finish my brew and back onto the a6, i'm going home, then, i pick up two blokes on triumph streetfighters, sorry, don't know the model name but there the ones with the two-headlights and short seat unit, quite nice really, have to stop at the lights in belper, they pull up at the side of me, and raise their visors, 'allright bro?' says one, the other one laughing, oh, right, their taking the piss, we turn right towards ashbourne, they pass me in the thirty limit and, just for a second, i think about letting them go, 'alright bro?', fuck that i'm on it, i've passed both of them by the time we are at the 'hanging gate' at shottle, down into turnditch and the lights are on red, i'm turning left onto the wirksworth road, they decide that they are not going to be shown up by some wanker on a girls bike wearing levis and an open faced cromwell, big mistake boy's, my road, i know every turn, every ripple, been riding this road for ever, i don't care if i'm giving away forty brake, fuck you, 'alright bro?', bet you didn't tell anyone you got dicked by a harley davidson, don't worry bro, your secret's safe with me.

kaname ozuma, sheer class.