another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 14 March 2010

right, after yesterday's failed attempt at a ride due to the dog's emotional blackmail i'm up early, breakfast, shower, walk dog's, [had a 'when jack russells go bad moment', 'watch your dog mate, the black and white one's ok but the white ones a nutter', my dog gus is on short lead, harness, his dog, a springer is on full lead, yapping and barking at gus, 'mate, watch him, he's a nasty bastard', he doesn't reel his dog in, i'm trying to pick gus up when the springer decides it's going to jump at him, big mistake, gus grip's him, starts to shake, typical terrier working dog, he's clamped on, no way is he letting go, claret, the blokes dog gets hurt because he can't contol his own dog, twat, get home, riding gear on and start the sporty, there's a pile of salt and crap down the middle of the road, you can taste the salt on your lips as the cars kick it up, check out my rear tyre, it's cold,but it really doesn't matter, springs here.

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