another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 30 January 2010

got my race number from bemsee/bmzrc this week, #51, back in the shed sunday, got to get cracking and get this bike built.

robert dunlop

ray mccullough, irish road racer, respect.

saturday, 30th january, it's derby day, the rams vs our bitter east midland rivals forest, didn't sleep too well last night, yeah, my ribs were sore after last nights pummelling at the tattoo shop but i think it was the thought of todays match that was responsible for my insomnia, there is so much history between these two clubs, players swapping between the clubs, local pride and of course the clough connection, i can't put it any other way, i hate forest, always did, always will and every time we meet, either in the cup or the league, there's going to be fireworks, i just hope we can piss on theirs today..............

the dlf were mobbed up in the courthouse pub, the old bill had done there homework and were out in force to keep an eye on them.

there were plenty of lads out today, we caught up with the tailend of the young derby firm walking to the ground.

forest were unbeaten in 20 games away from home, we had lost our last 3 home games in the league, forest huffed and puffed but i can't remember bywater having to make a save, basically we battered them for 94 minutes, rob hulse popped up to head home from ex forest player commons lovely delivery 12 minutes from time, big scuffle 2 minutes into injury time,all the players and staff from both sides involved, mardy bastard davis refused to shake hands with clough, poor sportsmanship, it didn't matter, we had beaten the red-dogs and ended their unbeaten run.