another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 13 November 2010

i have a vision in my old swede about how the sporty project will look and one thing for sure is that i'm not running the 1 inch bars and shit lego switch gear that the motor factory fit to their bikes, i have a set of aluminium 'renthal' bars, [bolt on brace chucked in bin, it's not a fucking bandit], this lets me have my pick of japper seven-eighth's clutch perch's and front brake master cylinder's from the local breaker's, i love bike breakers almost as much as scrapyards, rooting about amongst the damaged, cast off detritus of once loved motorcycles, the breaker i use is a treasure chest of parts, crammed three floor's high and a yard full of bikes in various states of decay, i get a real buzz searching through the wreckers, crashed, burnt out, stolen recovered and neglected machinery, i try and take in all the details of trick parts when i occasionally visit dealers showrooms but get distracted by the shiny newness of the bikes, breakers are different, the bikes are raw and rough, exposed to the elements and parts ready to be picked from them like a magpie after shiny things, today i was a magpie, searching amongst the dead leaves and the dirty ground, i scored a yamaha thundercat clutch perch and lever and a kawasaki master cylinder with lever and reservoir for twenty quid a throw, ripped off the reservoir and chucked it in my parts stash, get a brembo mini reservoir off rob at racing lines for a fiver, break out the nitromors and wire brush and a couple of hours work and i should have a nice set of controls.
'get your freak on, get your freak on, get your freak on, how low', [missy elliot]