another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 20 March 2010

karen from shameless, mz racer, owns a sporty and a ducati 750ss, got an sr500 flat track project, she's a great tattoo artist and likes to cook vegetarian food, black belt in karate, got a massive collection of rare soul vinyl, season ticket holder at derby, hates forest, she's ok i suppose...

wakan sporty, lick.

so, saturday morning, i'm up at stupid-a-clock for work, i'm feeling a little 'liverish' after the two and a half bottles of shiraz that mr's b and i consumed last night, the dogs look at me like i'm stupid as they turn over and go back to sleep, i'm at work for five to six, dreary, drizzly, kettle on for a brew, get the hgv's onto the yard to give us some space in the workshop, paperwork consumes an hour, seven am, phone rings, this will be one of my lads ringing in, 'sorry mate, won't be in, been on the shitter all night',' sorry mate, been up all night with one of the kids', 'sorry mate won't be in, the missus has left me', blah, blah, blah, 'ey up mate, it's kev, your piece-of-shit-wank-mz-swingarm is back from the powdercoaters, you coming up for it?'

the swingarm was really holding the project up, without it i couldn't fit the engine as the engine mounting plates have to be fitted first before the swingarm goes in, the tolerances are so slack that i had to make a couple of thrust washers up to get the swingarm to fit without any sideways movement, the shocks are now square to the mountings which is a bit of a bonus, at last we are moving forward and it's starting to look like a bike.

after me and dangerous picked up my swingarm and engine mounting brackets we decided to call in and catch up with neil at cornerspeed in sutton-in-ashfield, this is a 749 that he has prepared for a couple of lads who are running in the hotrax endurance race series, they are trying to do it on a real tight budget, [i know how that feels], they are so strapped for cash that they are running part worn road tyres instead of slicks as they can't afford a spare set of wheels for a set of slicks and wets, i asked neil about their sponsor, 'no mate, read it again, last one racing......'