another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 16 January 2010

saturday night.

'everybody's looking for,
the last gang in town,
you better watch out for
they're all comin' around'

kenny roberts, probably the most iconic race paint scheme ever, the yellow, black and white speed -blocks, remember seeing him racing the tz yam at the british gp's with the same colours, i went out and bought an rd 400, the white one with the red speed-blocks, two-strokes are for racing.


i know i'm sad, no, i really am, i was looking on a shed website and up came this classic photo, it's on apex shed's website, promoting the different types of shed they supply and this one shows an mz racer being lovingly fettled, it made my day.

the lovely njb racing shocks turned up today, they are ridiculously light, comparing them to the standard units, i reckon they are half the weight, you just phone them up, tell them your weight and they build them to suit, the top mounting eye is too small for the lug on the frame so the rubbers and mounting bushes will have to go to fit them and we will make up some new spacers, quite a few of the mzedders swear by these shocks so it can't be too much of a problem to get them to fit but with the frame being in for coating i can't do anything until i get it back.

waiting for the frame, swinging arm, bottom yoke and wheels to be powdercoated, the bad weather has really slowed things up, i reckon we are running about three weeks behind if you combine that and the christmas holidays, the powdercoating firm use a sub-contractor for their blasting and they have had to wait for their compressor to thaw out after the christmas lay-off, the pipes from the compressor to the seperator were frozen up during the xmas break and they couldn't risk cracking it up without ensuring it was safe to do so, really frustrating at the moment, we are itching to get on with the build, but, there is always something to do, so i got a brew on, put the match on radio derby, [we beat peterborough 3-nil at their place, they had two men sent off though so nothing to get too excited about] and retired to the shed, needed to mount the brake fluid reservoir, sometimes the easiest option is the best rather than trying to be too clever, drilled a 4mm hole in the front brake master cylinder perch and tapped it 5mm.

so, i fabbed a carbon fibre bracket, it was an offcut out of the race car airbox that was going to go in the bin, the reservoir is a brembo, the original kawasaki one was massive and was damaged anyway, i reckon it may have been a clutch or rear brake reservoir originally, but with only running a single front disc and the master cylinder being a 19mm item it will be fine, i found it among my stash of parts, can't remember where it was from originally and i know the hose clips don't match but if you had noticed without me mentioning it then you really need to get out a bit more.

the finished item, i'm well chuffed.

fork brace is nearly finished, dangerous has fly-cut it to get rid of the scratches, it's got that really nice finish where you can see the machining marks in the surface, it looks shinier than it really is due to the camera flash, it's a matt/ scotchbrite finish, a lot nicer than highly polished and more practical too.

fork brace fitted to forks, just need wire cutting to finish.