another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 16 January 2010

waiting for the frame, swinging arm, bottom yoke and wheels to be powdercoated, the bad weather has really slowed things up, i reckon we are running about three weeks behind if you combine that and the christmas holidays, the powdercoating firm use a sub-contractor for their blasting and they have had to wait for their compressor to thaw out after the christmas lay-off, the pipes from the compressor to the seperator were frozen up during the xmas break and they couldn't risk cracking it up without ensuring it was safe to do so, really frustrating at the moment, we are itching to get on with the build, but, there is always something to do, so i got a brew on, put the match on radio derby, [we beat peterborough 3-nil at their place, they had two men sent off though so nothing to get too excited about] and retired to the shed, needed to mount the brake fluid reservoir, sometimes the easiest option is the best rather than trying to be too clever, drilled a 4mm hole in the front brake master cylinder perch and tapped it 5mm.

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