another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 24 August 2009

i have no idea what this motorcycle is, [any ideas?], but i know it's one of the coolest things i've seen in a long time, proper dangerous, imagine reaching down to hand-shift and getting your fingers in that primary chain, yee-haw!!

art by john bell, my money's on the redhead, there's no way you can change gear properly wearing red high-heels.

i know it might be a bit early to mention xmas but i'm getting a letter off to santa pretty sharpish because i would really like a hot-dock 4 valve kit for my sportster, oh yes, i would love it.

hot-dock 4 valve sporty, really a very special motorcycle indeed.

japanese sporty built by 'hot dock', stunning bike, check out the engineering on this one.

auto union, the best looking racing car ever, six litres of supercharged beast producing 550bhp, [only equalled in the 80's by turbocharged formula one cars], all this on cross-ply tyres which would wheelspin at the ton, no powersteering and drum brakes, oh yeah, for protection you got a pair of white over-alls and a cork helmet.

ed 'ironman' kretz on a '38 indian racer.