another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 27 November 2009

kaname ozuma.

wes cooley, #34, roberto pietri #83' [freddie spencer's team mate] and some bloke on a 900ss ducati who i can't remember, me and my mate russ stanley used to watch that old vhs video tape of freddie spencer on the works 900 honda superbike, roberto pietri was in the footage, cool as fuck, simpson bandit helmet with black visor, there's a shot in the film where he looks down at the tank and there's a sticker that says 'attack'............. r.i.p russ, killed by a white van man on his way home from work, 'fucking 'ell yooth, how many chilli's you put in this?'

ron haslam, road racing legend, on the pharaoh tz yamaha, he lives about two miles away from me, buys all his stuff for his farm off our firm where i work, he's a real gentleman, always up for the crack, no hairs and graces, proper.

wes cooley. yoshimura gs1000.

gus. chilling. don't like dogs on the sofa?, you move him then.

ted, jack russell terrier, sometimes he looks at me and i can't see his eyes, just that white 'badger flash' down his face, he doesn't need to speak, i know what he's saying.

had a night off wednesday, mr's b and me went to see paul weller at the assembly rooms, brilliant as usual, when he played 'strange town' i thought i was eighteen again, we got home at eleven and had a couple of vodkas, big mistake mid-week, going to see gallows with the lads at the bell in derby next saturday, could be messy, especially after a home game against wba.

busy week again, up at five, go to work, come home, walk the dogs, shower and shave and out to race headquarters, or the shed as we call it and blind into action, shaped the lovely little seat unit over two nights, hacksaw blade, [24tpi blade], held in a piece of rag and file to shape, takes ages, had radio four on, strange, can't listen to music while i'm working, dangerous moans, 'what the fuck we listening to?', i was working in my cammo shorts and sailor jerry converse hi-tops, glass fibre filings rubbing my feet to shreds, mrs b bollocking me for not coming in for my tea again, 'it's wrecked now, dry as a bone you nob, you going to be out there all night?', looks good though don't it?

as we said earlier, the brembo caliper hits the spokes on the grimeca wheel so we had a couple of solutions, we could space the disc out to centre the rotor in the caliper but this throws up a few more problems, the mountings are a five stud pattern rather than the usual six which is a bitch because you cannot measure the pitch circle diameter of the mountings easily and also we are stuck with the skinny standard forks which when we fit the fatter 17 inch x 2.75 rim we end up running out of space. so, we have a pair of wheels out of a lightweight japper, [no, i'm not telling you which bike their off!], which are massively over- engineered for the donor bike, i hit the net and find out that the donor puts out roughly the same bhp as our anticipated bench mark, but, the donor weighs considerably more, [ok, 12 kilograms], than my target weight of between 105 and 110 kilo's, let's get them on the miller and remove the purely cosmetic 'fan' type excess. i weighed the wheel before and after and i've saved 200grams, not a lot i know but just think how much trouble you would be in if the old bill caught you with that amount!, you have to add in the factor of saving unsprung weight too which should make the bike turn in faster, fuck me, check me out, just keep repeating 'it's an mz you're racing, it's an mz you're racing, it's an mz you're racinnnnnnnggggg.................'

the miller making short work of the cast spokes, dangerous took five cut's per spoke, we decided to take a few cuts rather than blasting it, as my old man used to say, 'the only thing you get rushing is kids and bruised fingers youth'.

the wheel on the left looks a lot better with the spokes milled down compared to the standard wheel on the right, just needs a little dressing with wet and dry to finish.