another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 30 October 2015

not a ducati tt replica.

so, i had a look at the 'off the shelf' ducati tt replica kits available, a verlichi replica frame, fairing, tank and seat, six grand, you have to supply your own swingarm, [also available as an 'optional' extra], electrics, forks, wheels, engine, carbs, blah, blah, blah, a lot of money for a 'replica' for a daft derbyshire lad like me. is there really a sexier motorcycle than one of the ducati pantah tt formula tt f1 / f2 race bikes? not in my eyes, mrs b bought me alan cathcarts book back in 1987, i've absorbed every detail of those bikes from that day. never able to afford the genuine article, [and, let's face it, you are talking a rare, highly strung machine that would probably break your heart and leave you queueing at the soup kitchen] after off-loading the 'false' triumph, the 'yellow-hammer' and the 900ss i would still have to put up a big slice of 'disposable' to afford the basic 'replica' kit. bollocks to that. i have the 'peaky blinder' sitting in the shed. a fully sorted, fast, good handling machine. i strip off the tank, fairing and seat and sit looking at the bare-bones of the machine. i can make a tt 'look-a-likey' bike out of this bike. the air-box is the first thing to bite the dust. a couple of ram-air filters give me loads of room. the bike is off up to sunny hull for ducati forum member chad to work his magic on a one-off aluminium tank. [this is a 750sie fuel injection bike, i need to get a fuel regulator and fuel pump installed somewhere [the reg and fuel pump are located in the tank on the ie series supersports] and the ecu unit and battery mounted, what looks like a relatively easy cosmetic make-over turns into a proper challenge] i need a two-into-one exhaust too, running up the left hand side of the bike, got to remember that i need a sidestand, another problem.....just look at the picture of the bike from the r/h side, can you imagine obstructing that view with a silencer? nah. the finished bike is in my minds eye, a ducati tt f1 fairing, [just the top half mind you, why block that view of the engine?] a tt f2 seat, [probably cut down a tad] matt black paint, rattle can of course, get my mate roy to make me up some white number boards and some cheeky-as-fuck retro stickers, the pantah '81,82, 83 world champion', verlichi, 'battle of the twins' crossed piston red and whites. yeah baby, not a replica, just the loveless take on a classic race bike, lets face it, the formula one, classic tt, suzuki 'xr69' race bikes are all sixteen valve bandit engines or gixxer motors not the original old eight-valvers based on the gs thousand, andy molnar runs eight-valve 'manx' engines in his bikes not some crusty old fifties, manx two-valve, chain primary clunker. so fuck it, i'm building a bike as a nod to the legendary ducati tt race bikes, my bike is originally descended from the pantah, [yes, yes, yes, i know the rear head on the pantah was originally the other way around, give me a break!] it's a two-valve desmo, the frame isn't a direct copy, the wheels are seventeen-inch etc, etc, but, like i said, it's not a tt replica........ [so, do i go the whole hog and put lights on it like an endurance racer or stick a barely legal / daytime mot on it and enjoy the thrill of racing home from the local bike nights on those far away, long, summer nights.............]

Saturday, 3 October 2015

spread love

autumn. the days grow shorter and the nights longer, we are past the autumn equinox, winters coming, but, for a few precious weeks we hang on to the faded glory of the summer. cool, clear days, low sunshine, quiet roads, perfect for riding, the smell of freshly ploughed earth, cut hedges and dampness, the sound of gulls following the tractor, wheeling and diving, carrying the thermals as they hunt the treasure of a fat, juicy worm. spunk a couple of tank's of fuel just riding the lanes, numb bum and tingling fingers, hooning hooliganism hoisting up the front wheel, stamping on the brake to lock the back wheel, mcdonalds coffee, sticker applied for my free sixth refill, just good to be out there. gives you time to think too, got home and started stripping the peaky blinder, got an idea............